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As amazing as it sounds, No Greater Joy Ministries has placed the entire volume of their best-selling book, Good And Evil online -- IN ARABIC!

The ministry made the announcement in the July-August issue of No Greater Joy Magazine:
Our 320-page illustrated Bible storybook, Good and Evil, is now available online in Arabic, free for the viewing or downloading. Osama Bin Laden, if he is alive somewhere in the caves of Pakistan, can set up his satellite receiver and entertain himself with this beautiful art work as he reads in the Arabic language, the language of the Koran, the precious gospel of Christ. The sheiks of Saudi
Arabia, totally beyond the reach of missionaries, cut off by an oppressive culture that is afraid of ideas, can now read the gospel in the privacy of their homes. This has been a monumental task.

If I told you all of the difficulties we have encountered over the past nine years, you would wish you had prayed for us more.
I you are interested in reading it for yourself or want to share this with someone click on this link to read الخير والشر


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