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Why would a country grandmother publish a children's book about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?

Because that grandmother was a young woman when Dr. King was killed. She was caring for and ministering to other young men that were being called upon to risk their lives in the service of their country. Some of these men were wounded. If young Debi Pearl wanted to drive them for an outing, she found herself for the first time in her young life dealing with the reality of 'whites only' signs through the eyes of those servicemen. These same men that had fought and been wounded in service to their country were not welcomed at just ANY public place -- not in Memphis, TN during the 60's.

. . . but things were beginning to change. One man called to others to make a difference, to stand for what was right. This young woman saw the difference that this one man made. She was thrilled to hear his words of truth and challenge. It was on a trip to Tennessee, that an assassin's bullet found it's mark and ended the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

It was a stunning, senseless tragedy. Later, this same woman would teach her own children the realities of life as she had known it. A trip to the local library revealed that there were almost no books available about Dr. King. This wouldn't do!

So, Debi Pearl wrote her own book, a children's book, to remind her children of the difference a life well-lived can make. She printed a few hundred copies which were all sold at a book fair. Churches ordered hundreds more. Schools in Memphis placed an order for thousands to stock their libraries. However, Debi had unknowingly infringed some copyright laws. The book's production was halted. The few copies that remained were placed in storage. It didn't look like this dream would become a reality.

But this past year, a young boy found one of those forgotten copies. He pulled it out and began to ask Debi Pearl about this man.

The memories returned. Now a grandmother, Debi remembered the fervent desire she had for her children to know. Now, there was yet another generation of children that needed to hear about the Dream.

This time, proper channels were followed. The King Foundation gave its formal approval for the book's publication last month. On December 15, 2009 Debi Pearl's LISTEN TO MY DREAM -- illustrated by Michael Pearl -- will be available for purchase. Be one of the first to reserve your copy and share with your children LISTEN TO MY DREAM.


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