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“I just don’t understand it,” cries the new cook, “this recipe is just AWFUL! HOW could they publish such a HORRIBLE recipe?”

“Did you cook it for the recommended time?”

“Well . . . no, since I didn’t have any eggs . . . “

“No eggs?”

“Yes, and I don’t like nuts, so I decided to leave those out . . . Of course, I had to boil it instead of baking because the oven doesn’t work right . . .”

“Of course. . .”

By this time, you might wonder how this creative chef ever figured there would be anything good to come of the effort.

Every day individuals look at a bottle of vitamins and decide that there’s no harm in taking just a few more capsules. If someone ignores the recommended dosage of three per day and takes 30, who is to blame when that person dies? Should the family and friends hold the supplement company responsible? Why not tell everyone how irresponsible it was of the company to sell such a ‘dangerous’ product?

The company didn’t cause the death any more than the recipe book cause the cooking catastrophe. If someone doesn’t follow the instructions, they assume the associated risk and are responsible for the outcome.

No Greater Joy Ministries is now in the middle of just such a storm.

A few years ago, a mother smothered her child to death. Investigators found a copy of To Train Up A Child in the home. In an effort to make some sense of a senseless crime, many were quick to try and tie these two things together. The truth is that To Train Up A Child has never promoted, suggested or hinted that a child should be smothered. It was ridiculous to link such a crime to the teachings of No Greater Joy Ministries.

Sadly, this year a 7 year old died. Her parents have been charged with murder and torture. In the home, there was a copy of To Train Up A Child. In the rush to decry this death, many have been quick to state that murder and torture are promoted and recommended within the text of this book, which is an absurd untruth.

Again, the critics have defied rules of logic and leapt to the wrong conclusion. Someone baked a cake without all of the ingredients. Someone is ignoring the instructions. . . . and THAT is a recipe for disaster.


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