SUDAN by Ninie Hammon Available Now

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Even if it were not based on actual events, this book would still be difficult to put down. I went from reading as a curiosity to getting lost in the pages as it wove the stories of each character into plot lines that intersect at key points. I didn’t want to care about the people because I knew the circumstances were tragic, but the authors understood the universal human condition so well that it was vain for me to resist. I was hooked.

There is plenty of tension built into the story. Thankfully, the reader is allowed relax between those scenes. Without realizing it, you will become educated on everything from politics to the business of human trafficking and the philosophies that drive them.

This book doesn’t draw all of the conclusions for you or tell you what you ought to be doing about slavery in Sudan. Even some of the characters in the book are conflicted. Instead, the reader is challenged to decide for himself what path he will take. Will we ignore these things? If not what will we do?

My favorite scene was when a believing father prayed for God to grant the safe return of his daughter and the only person that could understand his words was a devout Muslim man. The reader is left to imagine the impact that this prayer and subsequent events must have had. There were other powerful scenes, but it would spoil the book if I shared.

You’ll hug your children tighter and pray more fervently after this read. Get your copy today.


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