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Oh, give me land, lots of land
Under starry skies above,
Don't fence me in.
Let me ride through the wild open
Country that I love
Don't Fence Me In!

Those lyrics express a sentiment to which many men relate. Men enjoy their freedom. So, it's not surprising when reviews of Created To Be His Help Meet come in that people become alarmed as they are told that men are categorized by narrow terms within its pages.

"My husband is insulted about the part in Created To Be His Help Meet that says there are three types of men. He doesn't like being labeled. Michael Pearl is obviously a command man and somehow Debi loves that, although I can't imagine how!"

Fair enough. Men desire more than formulaic service. They want an overflowing, freely given love -- not a love that gives measured and studied responses. The suggestion that a book would confine men and women within unnatural boundaries IS appalling!

But what DOES Debi Pearl assert in Created To Be His Help Meet?
Created To Be His Helpmeet, page 75
No single man completely expresses the well-rounded image of God. If a man were all three types at the same time, he would be the perfect man, but I have never met, heard of, or read in a book of history or fiction of a man who is the proper balance of all three. Certainly Jesus was the perfect balance. Most men are a little of all three, but tend to be dominant in one. And all the training and experiences of life will never successfully make a man into a different type of man. There is nothing clumsier and more pathetic than a man trying to act differently from who he is.

Rather than restricting and limiting a man -- far from placing men in a box -- Debi Pearl calls women to revel in the qualities that make each husband unique.

This is just one of the ways this "dangerous" book is pulling back the curtains of modern social norms and examining what Scripture says a marriage can be. Learn what all the hubbub is about and get your copy of best selling author Debi Pearl's book, Created to Be His Help Meet, today.


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