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If you haven't gotten a chance to read it yet, the July-August issue of No Greater Joy Magazine is filled with interesting articles.

Romance seems to be the theme of this issue in which Debi Pearl has an article on how to make sure none of the little sisters get left home languishing and longing for a mate. She gives advice to big brothers on that front.

If you've got children that are starting to think about marriage, there are two articles on what to look for in a spouse, both from the male and the female perspective. Michael Pearl offers a historical perspective on the institution of marriage and the role of the state.

With that in mind, you're introduced to adventure and passion with a sneak peak at THE VISION by Debi Pearl. The entire first chapter of this best-selling novel is in this issue of No Greater Joy Magazine.

For those of you that enjoy humorous stories, you won't want to miss reading about the Cane Creek flood and how one of the grandchildren is introduced to the fine art of fishing. The article "The Only Trophies" offers advice on teaching children a good work ethic:
More is caught than taught. All by themselves, spoken words are empty. Actions are living words, the manifestation of our true beliefs. Words alone make us hypocrites; actions make us irrefutable examples. It takes character to work hard, and then that hard work pays dividends by developing more and stronger character. ~ Michael Pearl from the article "The Only Trophies"
Mike and Debi's daughter, Shoshanna Easling includes an article on the benefits of Red Clover. Her sister, Shalom Brand, writes about helping adolescent boys navigate puberty in her article "Adrenaline Rush."

This magazine is offered free of charge. You can read it at No Greater Joy's web site or sign up to have it delivered to your home. Take the time to check it out today.


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