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Michael Pearl, the man that has released the study "Sin No More" and teaches about "Sanctification" recently released a series of sermons called 50 SINS.

In a stunning move, he admits that most of them are sins he himself has committed! What could these sins be? What conditions exist that would contribute to such a shocking revelation?

"50 SINS most of which have been committed by Michael Pearl. In this series of nine messages delivered to The Church at Cane Creek, Michael opens the Scriptures to reveal the more common and "acceptable" sins of Christians living in these last days. These messages will bring you out into the Light where you will see your own heart in a new way. If you are not humbled after hearing these messages... well, never mind; you will be. Sin brings misery, even where we are unaware of it as the source of our troubled spirit. To allow the Holy Spirit to chase lifelong troublesome sin out into the light is purging in and of itself. Our Father deserves no less from his "children of light, and the children of the day." Available as a single MP3 CD."
Click on the image above to purchase your copy.
To preview this AUDIO series, watch the video below.

50 Sins - Week 8 from No Greater Joy Ministries on Vimeo.


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